The One Percent uses the optional training rules indicated in Shadowrun Companion. To determine training time, the following rules are applicable:

Type Base Training Time Required to Improve Skill In Days
Active Skills and Attributes Required Karma Points spent x 7 (minimum of 7 days)
Knowledge or Language Skills Required Karma Points Spent x 15 (minimum of 15 days)

A character may be instructed or train herself to lower the amount of time it takes to learn or improve a skill or attribute. A training day is 4 hours of training that skill or attribute. A character may double- or triple-up (8 hours of training or 12 hours of training) on this time to learn or improve the skill faster, though it will prevent the character from undertaking any other actions except light socialization, eating, or sleeping for that day. Training times are calculated on the assumed base time of 4 hours a day.

If a character is training herself, roll that skill or attribute (or connected attribute in the case of a level 1 skill) at a Target Number equal to the new Skill Rating + 2. After calculating the number of successes, divide the amount of hours it would take by the number of successes gained. For example: Fugue is attempting to learn Sorcery 7. He has a Willpower of 7, so this will take 70 days, or 280 hours (7 × 1.5 = 10, rounded down x 4 hours). He rolls his Sorcery skill and receives 3 successes. 280 / 3 = 93 hours rounded down. If Fugue does nothing but train for 12 hours a day, he can learn Sorcery 7 on his own without instruction in 7 days.

A much easier route is through instruction. Other player characters can instruct one another. They must have at least Instruction 3, and have a skill rating that equals or exceeds the rating the other character wishes to train up to. An instructor rolls Instruction at Target Number 4; any successes gained on this roll directly add to the number of successes the training character has for learning the new skill. Along with this, a character who is training with an instructor receives a -1 to their Target Number to learn a skill. For example: instead of slogging it out for 7 exhausting days, Fugue finds his friend and occasional lover Tabitha, who already has Sorcery 7. She also has Instruction 5, considering she’s currently working as an instructor for a sarariman’s son who recently Awakened. Tabitha rolls her instruction and receives 4 successes. Fugue rolls his Sorcery 6 at Target Number 8 instead of 9 since Tabitha is training him. He receives 3 successes. In total, he has 7 successes for training, reducing the training time to 40 hours. Tabitha allows Fugue to tag along to her instruction sessions with the sarariman’s kid and Fugue trains for 12 hours a day, learning Sorcery 7 in 3 days instead of 7 (280 hours / 7 = 40 / 12 = 3 rounded down).

Obviously this system isn’t perfect, and if need be, characters can forgo the training time in certain cases. A character imbued with magical knowledge by a spirit during an Astral Quest, for example, would not have to undergo training times. Trainers are usually available from a corporation, and can be bargained for during an initial negotiation with a potential client.


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