The One Percent

The One Percent is a high-level Shadowrun game set in a national & global scale. The game chronicles a group of Decker/Mages (or Shamans) as they work their way through the world of giant, lucrative contracts and the consequences that arise from those things. The One Percent, unlike many Shadowrun games, is not set in a particular city, though Seattle will often be showcased. It is designed to be played throughout the world, with the characters being sent to various locations by megacorps and governments.

Though the shadowrunners have more or less made it – they are considered Prime Runners – they haven’t quite “sold out” yet. They’re still largely independent, taking contracts in a far more mercenary fashion and dealing directly with corporations and governments without the use of Johnsons or the need for fixers to get clients.

Due to the unique focus of the characters, the primary themes of the game are viewing the alternate worlds that surround the Shadowrun universe. All characters are both able to interact with the Matrix, as well as able to interact with Astral Space and the worlds that exist in the cosmology beyond.

Second to that, another theme of the game is accountability. The characters are now able to see the direct results of their actions, whereas a street-level Shadowrun game has the ‘runners acting as pawns in a greater scheme. In The One Percent, the characters are more like bishops or knights on the megacorporations’ chessboard. They have far greater power and are able to see the far-reaching plans of their potential employers.

Third, the magical world is rarely explored in such detail. The characters will be part of the same circle of Awakened, and will have to deal with a lot of the strange Awakened threats that the magical world has to throw at them. They will have to work with or against giant conspiracies of Mages, Shamans, and Physical Adepts (along with the other lesser Awakened), and attempt to navigate the often treacherous world of magical society politics.

Finally, the characters will have to balance their growing reputation as Prime Runners with the need for privacy. As shadowrunners become more and more renowned and infamous, they start to attract media attention and interest. They become a rogues gallery of antiheroes, sparking the imagination of the odd rebellious wage-slave. Do they give in to the fame (or infamy?), or do they attempt to remain in the shadows for as long as they can to prevent themselves from becoming too “mainstream?”

All of this and more can be found here, in the shadows of the most powerful organizations and leaders of the world of 2064.

The One Percent

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