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Something that all kids are taught when they’re in school (if they even go to school): only about one percent of the population will be able to Awaken and use magic. Of them, only ten percent will be full Mages or Shamans, with the rest being Aspected or followers of the Somatic Path. Most people won’t have to worry about looking at the astral energies of the Redmond Barrens. They won’t have to deal with angry spirits or being aggressively head-hunted by corporations.

Instead, they’ll probably end up working for those corps through the modern fealty system that’s been put in place. Some of them may rebel. Some of them may pick up a cyberdeck and become the next hot-shot decker. These people are also decidedly rare.

So what happens when you combine hot-shot deckers with the full-on Awakened? Rarest of the rare, less than a percentile of a percent.

The One Percent is a game about these people. An incredibly diverse Shadowrunner team made its name in the streets for a couple years following the return of Halley’s Comet in 2061. They all banded together perhaps out of convenience, perhaps out of the rationale that the Awakened need to stick together – that no one can understand what they have to go through on a daily basis. Perhaps they just became friends and stuck it out due to friendship. Either way, they hit the big time.

Novatech, a AA communications company based out of Boston, Massachusetts, needed one last puzzle piece to fall into place before they could step out of obscurity and allow themselves to be publicly traded. There was a piece of wireless technology that was being produced by Fuchi out of their Confederated American States office in Atlanta which allowed Matrix signals to be transmitted over a tight-band radio frequency. They needed to find a group of runners with skill, cunning, and adaptability.

It just so happens that the Johnson that found this team for Novatech was a Mage herself. She located a group that had built a name for itself already, and pulled them in. They were five Mages and Shamans who had all undergone cybernetic surgery to get a datajack implanted. Unlike other Deckers that can’t fully focus on one ability or the other – the beleaguered “combat decker” that isn’t as good at breaking ICE as his straight-up Decker colleagues, and also not quite as good at firing off shotgun blasts as his Street Samurai buddies – these Mage-Deckers had shown aptitude in both worlds. They were the Astral Plane-meets-Matrix.

The job went off without a hitch. The team got the prototype, they got out. No one was killed; security wasn’t alerted. The employees of Fuchi Enterprises Atlanta went home one night and came back to work the next morning missing their treasured prototype wireless Matrix transceiver. The team delivered the prototype without issue and were paid handsomely for it.

What’s more, due to shrewd negotiating combined with pure skill and the fact that there were no traces left to point to where and whom the prototype had gone, the team were made wealthier than they could imagine.

Most runners would retire after a job like that. They all certainly had enough money to live out the rest of their days with chauffeurs and butlers and hookers and blow forever. But this team – this team was a team of runners through and through. They were Prime Runners.

This is their story.

OOC Information

  • Character Creation: As the characters of The One Percent are considered Prime Runners and are more skilled and generally better than the average Shadowrun characters, these are the rules for creating a character for the game. The One Percent uses all of the books in the Shadowrun 3rd Edition line.
  • Special Rules and House Rules: The One Percent uses several special rules and house rules, detailed here. Any additional rules derived from gameplay or established later will also be detailed here.
  • The Magimek: This is the VTOL gunship carrier that carts the group around.
  • Decking Info: This is a collection of information on various systems, grids, and different commonly forgotten aspects of decking.

IC Information

  • Base of Operations: The shadowrun team operates out of a base of operations set up in Tír na nÓg, specifically an old, haunted Georgian-era manor house outside of Galway.
  • Notable Magical Societies: There are some magical societies established that the characters will run up against. Here is some general information on who they are and what they tend to do. At game start, they remain neutral toward the runner team.
  • Tribes of the Otaku: There are a few Otaku tribes that frequent in the same ’Trix areas as the characters, or who have some dealings with mutual contacts. They begin neutral toward the runner team at game start.
  • Shadowrun Job Log: This is a list of all of the in-character runs the team has performed.
  • History: As this game pushes near the end of the Shadowrun 3rd Edition timeline, this is what’s happened prior to the creation of the fully wireless Matrix and after Renraku Arcology lost power and the Otaku appeared.

Important Corporations

  • L.T.S. GunCompener: A recent addition to the megacorp sphere, this small tech & weapons manufacturer is unique in its being run completely by former Shadowrunners, and its headquarters located in the Redmond Barrens.

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