Character Creation

Creating a PC

Characters in The One Percent are built using the Shadowrun Build Point system established in Shadowrun Companion, with the high-level adjustments in place from Mr. Johnson’s Little Black Book. To elucidate:

  • Skills may be purchased up to a cap level of 8 before specialties.
  • Attributes may be purchased up to a cap of 7; taking the Exceptional Attribute Edge allows for purchase up to 8.
  • No characters may purchase any starting equipment with an availability higher than 12.
  • Characters begin with five points of contacts to spend. For example, they can purchase five level 1 contacts, two level 2 contacts and one level 1 contact, one level 3 contact and two level 1 contacts, etc.
  • Full Mages begin with 35 spell points to spend.
  • Spell Points can be purchased at a rate of one spell point for 3 build points.
  • Resources are purchased as follows: 30 BP for 2 million nuyen; 25 BP for 1.5 million nuyen; 20 BP for 1 million nuyen; 15 BP for 750,000 nuyen; 10 BP for 400,000 nuyen; 5 BP for 150,000 nuyen; 0 BP for 50,000 nuyen; and +5 BP bonus for 10,000 nuyen.
  • All characters begin with 180 Build Points. See below for information regarding cyberware, restrictions, and requirements for spending.
  • Knowledge skills may be purchased with Build Points at a rate of 2 skill rating points for one (1) Build Point. For example: Fugue has Intelligence 7, and would normally have 35 points to spend on Knowledge skills. After Fugue’s player spends all of these points, he realizes that he needs rating 6 Flute for his centering skill. He spends three BP and is able to purchase it to 6.

Books Allowed

All books in the Shadowrun 3rd Edition line are allowed. Abilities, skills, and spells from The Shadowrun Supplemental ’zines are also allowed on a case-by-case basis. Dumpshock homebrew spells will be allowed, but following review.


All characters are required to either be fully Awakened, or be a Physical Adept with the Astral Perception power (preferably on the Path of the Mage, see Magic in the Shadows). All characters must also possess a datajack. The type of datajack is not specified, so it can be a retinal jack, a standard datajack, or an induction datajack without issue. Keep in mind that an induction datajack works differently than standard or retinal datajacks due to the lack of an input/output port on the palm, and the character may not be able to interface with all machines allowing direct interaction.

Characters may not take the Vehicle Control Rig cyberware at this time, as they would not have the ability to purchase it at a significant level and retain enough Essence to be a feasible character in-game.

Characters may not take any Flaws that restrict the use of Cyberware (such as Bio-Rejection or Sensitive System). Characters may take the Cranial Bomb flaw if they wish, but it will reduce Essence and Magic.

As per the rules listed in Shadowrun Companion, no PC may take Magic Resistance due to being an Awakened character.

If a character is a Mage, they must have Sorcery at at least level 6. If they are a Shaman, they must have Conjuring at at least 6.

If a character has Centering, they must take a creative skill. This can be any form of musical instrument or singing, dance, art, writing, poetry, etc. It must be a skill that allows the character to exert their creativity. A creative skill is a Knowledge skill.


All Metatypes are allowed, save for the following:

  • Shapeshifter: A shapeshifter cannot use any cyberware. Due to the requirement listed above, they would not be able to retain a datajack and are thus disallowed.
  • Any character type infected with HMHVV except for Ghouls: Playing a vampire, while interesting, would not have made for a feasible growth in power to the level in which the character would be at now.
  • Dryads: While Dryads are an interesting Elf metavariant, they don’t make a ton of sense for a group of characters that are constantly on the move and traveling through urban areas. It would be an unnecessary restriction and punishment on that character.

Characters can be ghouls with a proper back story explaining why they haven’t fallen into becoming feral, and why they haven’t been hunted down. The Human-looking Edge (see Shadowrun Companion) or cosmetic cyberware is a good idea for this. Along with this, players must come up with how their characters manage to feed, considering that cannibalism is illegal in almost every recognized state or corporation.

Metavariants are encouraged, but Wakyambi, Menehune, Gnomes, and Koborokuru will require some explanation since they typically either do not leave the areas where they are common (wakyambi/menehune) or are not comfortable with technology or in urban areas (gnome and koborokuru, respectively).


All characters are allowed to purchase levels in Initiation Grade. New characters may only buy up to Initiation Grade 2. Each grade of Initiation costs 15 Build Points. While all characters are allowed to select whichever option they would like for both Initiation Grades, shedding a geasa isn’t suggested or encouraged, neither is changing the astral signature of a character. However, if a player wishes, they can indicate that one of their Initiations was done to increase Magic and alter her character’s astral signature, which will give them a brand new signature at the start of the game (whereas other characters may be recognized from astral signature by previous individuals in their back story).

The following Metamagic Abilities are highly suggested:

  • Centering
  • Masking
  • Shielding
  • Anchoring

Other Metamagic Abilities are perfectly fine, but the above will be significantly helpful at the start of the game and will continue to be helpful in the future.

Character Creation

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