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The One Percent lives in subsidized housing – more or less. The house they currently reside in was given to them by Transys Neuronet after managing one of their partners’ runs. It was part of the packaged deal with their most recent influx of money. As such, they’ve made the home their own. It’s set in a section of Galway that has mostly given over to a mixture of suburb and urban decay, with very few neighbors within one hundred yards. This affords them a certain degree of privacy, but also gives them the opportunity to get into the city quickly if they need to.

The house is a four story manor home that was originally built by the Burke family during their reign as overlords of Ireland while the English were still occupying it during the Georgian era. It has since changed hands and, with the last of the Burke line deceased except for a scant few that share the name but not the lineage, the house was put up for sale and purchased. Strangely, the house never really had much of a market; even after the realtors dropped the price, it was clear that no one was interested in staying in Burke Manor. After the Resurgence, mages noted that there was something wrong with the house’s astral landscape, which seems to have mostly ebbed since the second passing of Halley’s Comet. There are, however, oddities occurring within the building and around it, and it’s long since been considered the local haunted house.

There are five bedrooms in the Burke Manor, with two on the first floor, two on the second, and a curious third on the fourth, which seemed to have once been a bedroom that locked from an attic door below. A bar was built on the third floor, and recent renovations have brought a gym, a three-car garage, and a massive library.

The basement of Burke Manor houses a server pool that acts as an LTG for this area. From an outsider’s perspective, this causes a disruption in the neighborhood’s normal LTG, which would make it a fairly tantalizing target were it not so heavily guarded with IC and rated orange. When The One Percent arrived at the house, Transys Neuronet had already put most of the framework for the LTG in place, allowing the team to modify it at will.

Burke Manor has also been updated with the most recent in home electronics. It has a vidphone with plasma viewport, as well as several home desktop-grade cyberterminals with the option for direct interface via datajack, or ’trodes. There are several high-definition trideo sets throughout the house: one in each bedroom, one in the bar, and one in a parlor which also boasts a hearth fireplace and expensive Italian leather sofas. Acoustic speakers are built into the wall of the bar, and institution-grade soundproofing has been placed in the bar, the gym, and each bedroom. A trideo intercom system connects the rooms of the house in case of emergency. The basement contains a panic room, likely built within the last twenty years during the Goblin Panic of 2045 about a decade following the establishment of Tír na nÓg.

An army of cleaning drones wander the floors, able to be controlled by a rigger, but primarily commanded by the Butler-Class Agent that controls the automated functions of the house (including thermostat, motion detection lighting based on time, and voice commands). These run the gamut from at least three Mazda Dust Devils per floor, one VOR Robotics House Helper on each floor, an IFMU Mr. Green 3500 that takes care of landscaping and sculpts the grass above the rolling hills beyond the house, and finally an IFMU Mr. Fireman 3500 stored on each level in case of emergency. A GM Mr. Fix-It is stored in the basement, preventing The One Percent from having to do repairs on the home. These drones are largely inherited, but have had their memory cores wiped shortly before the team moved in.

Most of the rooms are fitted with photovoltaic wallpaper (“Colorchange Paint”) which allows the residents to use voice commands to adjust the paint within the house. This seems to have been established both for ascetics and for security: the paint can be changed to a matte black with a sub-vocal command.

Finally, another class of drones patrols the property: Ares Sentinel drones. These are activated by voice command and controlled by the LTG’s central security Agent. If The One Percent summons them, spirits will also patrol the property. Since the property is in a fairly well-to-do area, it’s common to find the local Galway police forces patrolling the area. They have an understanding with Transys Neuronet and understand who lives in the house, paid to look the other way in case of suspicious activity performed by the residents themselves. This can get annoying, however, in case someone shows up who fits a profile and doesn’t appear to belong (which is a common trait among Shadowrunners).

Advanced Lifestyle Stats

  • Area: High-equivalent (4 points)
  • Comforts: Luxury (5 points)
  • Entertainment: High (4 points)
  • Furnishings: Luxury (5 points)
  • Security: High (4 points)
  • Space: Luxury (5 points)
  • Total: 27 points before Edges & Flaws

Lifestyle Edges & Flaws


  • Bribed Security: The local police force is bribed to look the other way and respond to threats at Burke Manor before anyone else in the neighborhood. (+0.1)
  • Defensive Setup: Burke Manor was originally a fortified manor house owned by a family of British-Irish Lords. Most of the rooms are designed in such a way that they have small sections where combatants can duck for cover, or at least gain an advantage on an opponent. Its landscaping also reinforces this, with high ground positions nearer the house, bullet-proofing on the downstairs windows (which can open to provide hard cover for anyone shooting out), and various marble and stone pillars, fountains, and pottery that can be used for defending against most conventional weapons. (+0.1)
  • Escape Tunnel: Besides the panic room, the basement boasts a tunnel that leads into the garage nearby, once used as a servants’ tunnel. It branches off beneath and leads into an ancient section of sewers that heads into the city. This door is a submariner’s door, able to be closed via hatch and able to be locked from the inside. (+0.1)
  • Hasty Access: With its wrap-around balconies and multiple windows and doors, Burke Manor is very easy to get into and out of, in case someone can’t get to the escape tunnel beneath the house. (+0.05)
  • Manaline: Part of the reason why Burke Manor has always been considered strange by the locals, back in the mid-1700s, the manor was built on top of one of Ireland’s ancient sidhe paths. This can attract unwanted attention, but the house is owned by a group of Awakened Deckers and there’s always a Police Mage or Shaman patrolling the neighborhood’s streets. (+0.3)
  • Masterful Engineering: While not designed to SOTA standards, the house has been surprisingly well-kept for such an old home. With each renovation, it’s made Burke Manor much, much easier to upgrade should a resident wish to do so. (+0.05)
  • Pest Repellent: One potential drawback of the sidhe roads is how uncomfortable animals tend to be around it. This can be great for keeping out mice, devil rats, and the barghests. (+0.05)
  • Privacy Screen: The house has a lot of soundproofing in it, especially the bedrooms and anything facing the street. Since the windows are high-grade polymer material designed to be bulletproof, it also causes a slight mottling when looking through them, preventing onlookers from being able to recognize exactly what’s happening in the home. (+0.1)
  • Quiet Neighborhood: There aren’t a ton of people around Burke Manor, save for a couple of rowhouses. The nearest neighbors are both affluent and quiet. Due to urbanization in Tír na nÓg’s largest cities, there is a tenement block within about three hundred yards which is old council housing from the days of the United Kingdom in the late 60’s. Even these residents keep to themselves and don’t bother anyone nearby. Crime is kept to that location. (+0.15)
  • Reliable Utilities: The house is kept up well and there’s an on-call robot that can fix anything that breaks down. A back-up generator is in the basement to provide power, and there’s a well on the property in case the water is cut. Solar panels have been built into the roof of the house, allowing the generator to be powered by solar battery or diesel. (+0.1)
  • Terrific View: Since Burke Manor was built with lords in mind, it has quite the lordly view of the city. The entire city of Galway can be seen from the hills surrounding Burke Manor, and if one stands on the hills to the south of the house, one can see the ocean – if the onlooker happens to be Awakened and asensing the area, they would also be able to see the Veil that surrounds Tír na nÓg. (+0.05)


  • Bad Reputation: Burke Manor is thought to be haunted, and has a lengthy reputation as being a site for strange and uncanny occurrences. With the Resurgence, these are altogether more unnerving for local un-Awakened residents. (-0.05)
  • Haunted: And this is the real reason why Burke Manor is unnerving. The house is viciously haunted by poltergeists and strange shades. This appears to be some sort of spectre that lives in one of the attic rooms. Frightening events are pretty consistent, but the spectre seems to know how to get away from the Awakened residents, possibly indicating alternate areas within the house that are occluded from sight – astral or otherwise. (-0.2)
  • Portal in the Closet: Just like the escape tunnel on the northern side of the house, a long and voluminous crawlspace wraps around the house and connects to the escape tunnel. This particular part of the tunnel leads into the local sewers, which are rumored to be home to ghouls. While the team hasn’t discovered anyone sneaking into the house this way, it’s still a possibility unless someone actually bricks up the sewer itself. (-0.2).

Added points: +0.65

Monthly Cost: 70,000¥

Corporations in Residence

Galway was more or less off-limits to most corporations for the last few decades while Tír na nÓg was working on establishing its theocratic republic. As County Connaught was enfolded into the government of the Danaan families, various corporations jockeyed for position in Galway and other cities in Connaught. Due to connections with the O’Connor family – known to be part of the Danaan-mor, or inner circle of the theocracy – the Chief Financial Officer and the head of L.T.S. GunCompener Euro, Sinead “Red” McClusky was able to get a corporate holding within the city.

This created some enmity between Renraku Éireann-Tír and L.T.S. GunCompener Éireann-Tír, which has until recently remained mostly a cold war. Considering LTSGCNR’s lack of participation in the Desert Wars, there are serious concerns that a war between the two corporations will boil up into the streets despite both corporations consistently assuring the Danaan-mor that such a thing would never happen.

That a AAA-rated corporation would have such an issue with a A-rated corporation is also somewhat strange, and most in the corporate court are watching Galway with incredible interest to see what happens. If LTSGCNR comes out on top, they may absorb some of Renraku’s holdings in the Tír. On the other hand, if Renraku comes out on top, it could cause L.T.S. GunCompener to lose a great deal of ground – potentially even falling out of the lower echelons of the corporate court and back into obscurity.

Despite the conflict between these two corporations, other MegaCorps are attempting to push into Galway. Gaeatronics Éireann-Tír and Hermetic Services, Inc. make up the largest corporations in Tír na nÓg which handle magical equipment construction and sales. Most foci produced commercially in Tír na nÓg come from one of these two corporations – with Gaeatronics primarily working with all things shamanic, and Hermetic Services, Inc. working with hermetic mages (hence the name).

Rounding out the corporations is Armaments Éireann-Tír which has taken over for Ares since the latter was expelled from Tír na nÓg for allegedly creating a private military force within the boundaries of the state.

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