The Spark

A master of several martial arts and the way of the gun, The Spark is a former Prime Runner-turned-Fixer along with his best friend, Loki.


The Spark, or Arthur Cromwell, is from a long line reputedly dating back to Oliver Cromwell in England. Not too much is known about his personal history, other than he may be the only member of his family that underwent Goblinization. Along with Loki, The Spark was one of the co-founders of Loki & The Spark’s Gun & Computer Emporium (Not Respective) in the Redmond Barrens.

With a stronger moral compass than most shadowrunners, The Spark’s street name is associated with a large number of runs that helped benefit the people of various areas, including one wherein his team took down a dragon in Hawaii that was threatening to use a bio-weapon against a group of rebellious monarchists. After the team removed the threat of the dragon (some rumors on Shadowland say that the dragon was killed, but that’s highly unlikely), Hawaii was able to proclaim itself as a monarchy and became the Kingdom of Hawaii officially, no longer a member of UCAS.

Despite The Spark’s age, he doesn’t show the same rapid decline as most trolls and orks tend to show as they get older, leading some to speculate that he’s receiving some form of genetic therapy or treatment. This is no small wonder, considering that Loki & The Spark’s Gun & Computer Emporium (Not Respective) has been ushered into the halls of minor power as a A-level corporation, taking the first steps toward becoming a Megacorp via establishing splinter offices in the Confederated American States, Tir Tairngire, the Salish Sidhe Nation, and abroad in the Allied German States, United Kingdom, and Tir na nOg.

The Spark is the Chief Operations Officer of L.T.S. GunCompener, and is the head of the weapons research and development and manufacture division. Since LSGCNR became a minor player in the Corporate Court in 2061, The Spark has managed to invent a non-lethal sonic weapon for use by security and police forces called the Screaminator. Along with that, he’s headlined the development and construction of a hand-held rocket launcher called the Creaminator, which follows the same wordplay theme that LSGCNR uses regularly.

The Spark

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