A fire-haired Prime Runner-turned-Fixer that works for Loki & The Spark and was one of the original members of their team.


Though not an original founder of Loki & The Spark’s Gun & Computer Emporium (Not Respective), Red was one of the original members of their team, along with the dwarven Rigger, Cat. The sole human that lived in their area of the Barrens, Red was quickly sought out by Loki and The Spark for her ability to convince everyone to leave her alone through applications of mana bolts and fireballs.

Following the retirement of Loki and The Spark and the establishment of L.T.S. GunCompener as a legitimate business, Red held up in the back of the original location as a talismonger. She eventually worked up toward contracting out other ‘runner teams to find enchantment ingredients, and during the return of Halley’s Comet in 2061, she discovered a vein of naturally-occurring orichalcum, which is one of the reasons why the business became as affluent and powerful as it is in such a short time.

Considered a misanthrope and rumored to be a paramour of The Spark, Red is fiercely loyal to her original runner group and continues to remain in charge of the A-level corporation’s research and development over talismongering and enchantment. She’s still a powerful Mage in her own right, and is a known member of the White Mask Society, a group of chaos mages and Dragonslayer shamans that purportedly believe that the world will revert back to the state it was in during the Fourth World, with more and more metatypes Awakening and magic becoming more commonplace.


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