A hotshot Decker-turned-Fixer who runs a shop with his friends in the Redmond Barrens


Also known as Aramis Latheni, Loki was a founding member of Loki & The Spark’s Gun & Computer Emporium (Not Respective), as well as their Shadowrunner team.

Loki is renowned as a deck and electronics manufacturer, using skills he picked up in the field to make bleeding edge tech for people. Through the assistance of the team’s former medic and also Shaman, Red, he’s also been able to work on building custom cyberware.

His best friend and business partner, The Spark, work together to create new variations on smart-linked weapons that allow for bizarre combinations of weaponry and uplink. One variation on this is a smart-linked compound longbow, made for the Tir Tairngire military.

According to datasheets pulled in a run against them (the runners who perpetrated the run were later killed by some of their more loyal customers), Loki is working on using some of Novatech’s new wireless technology to interface with smart-links. So far, this hasn’t proven useful – at least according to the information gathered about two months ago.


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