Kolya is a dark-haired elven woman with a Scottish accent. She’s short for an elf, probably about 5’9" and has very light blue eyes. Though a decker, she doesn’t have the traditional shaved side of the head; her datajack is more or less inconspicuous unless one is specifically looking for it. Tattoos in Sperethiel line her collarbone when visible and are written down along her arms. Anyone with the ability to speak or read Elvish and who can sense these sorts of things will note that these particular tattoos are foci, and fairly powerful ones at that. She’s usually seen with her deck, which looks like a kit-bashed Renraku.


There is a surprising amount of information that can be found out about Kolya online, except her name. Kolya, a traditionally male name (Russian, short for Nikolai), often throws off a lot of people researching into her. This is probably intentional. She lives in Tír na nÓg, likely taking advantage of the country’s appeal that all elves are considered citizens, and works for the Vandal Society as one of their few-and-far between deckers, as most members of the Vandal Society are loathe to install cyberware. She’s a shaman of Hare, which explains her general demeanor. Kolya’s also one of the only known shamans of Hare, so either she’s just fucking with people, or she really did get picked by a great rabbit totem to be an emissary to the Sixth World.

Though living in Tír na nÓg, Kolya’s LTG address doesn’t show a direct correlation to any specific city, likely due to deck masking. The last time she was seen in a public location recognizable by Shadowrunners was in Dublin, but rumors indicate that she’s recently traveled to Galway due to the recent great form spirit summoning that took place there. She’s a frequent poster on Shadowland, primarily on the Tír and Elf boards, occasionally dipping into the boards discussing various corporations and their weaknesses when other runner teams post asking for assistance.

It’s unclear how long she’s been with the Vandal Society. She does appear to be a valued member, though no one is entirely certain how the ranks in that particular magical society function.


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