A Prime Runner-turned-Fixer Rigger with a flair for vehicular and drone construction.


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Like Red, Cat was one of the original members of Loki and The Spark’s running team. Having grown up in Puyallup, she pulled up stakes and went out to the Barrens to be closer to the team. She originally had some general issues with the local crime syndicates after borrowing some nuyen to pick up her Vehicle Control Rig. The Spark, Loki, and Red helped her get out of the mess she put herself in by taking out the gang boss that had her upside-down. After that, Cat swore full allegiance to the crew.

After the big job in Hawaii and after the Year of the Comet, when Red found her vein of orichalcum, she settled into working for Loki & The Spark’s Gun & Computer Emporium (Not Respective) as the resident vehicle and drone expert. Her garage was often filled with the local kids’ various projects, and she was known to be the most philanthropic of the group via her work with neighborhood kids. She organized events at the local community center to get the non-human kids in the area interested in STEM projects.

When the local business became a national – and later, international – corp, Cat took over L.T.S. GunCompener’s drone and vehicle research and development department – with heavy emphasis on development. Since taking her position as the chairperson in charge of the Drone/Vehicle Operations division, LSCGNR has become known for the production of high quality drones for low prices. According to a recent press release, the genius Rigger is close to figuring out a way to create a drone out of orichalcum, which would make a nearly unstoppable machine. She is also over the Cybernetics Review Board along with Loki, donating her considerable knowledge of metahuman anatomy to the design of new alpha- and delta-grade cybernetic devices.


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